Benefits of Quitting Cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking 12 June 2014 | 0 Comments

ID-10043838Restoration of health – the toxic chemicals contained in tobacco damage the cells and linings of the body. These possibly are the cause of smoking related diseases like those mentioned above. Hence, you will avoid all the pains, stress, and effects associated with these devastating diseases as your health is gradually restored over the years like that of a non smoker.

This article is mostly written for smokers who really want to quit smoking forever. But if you are not yet ready for such a big change, than maybe e-cigarettes can be an ideal half-a-way house. If that’s your current grand plan, than you must read one of the GreenSmoke reviews. GreenSmoke is the most popular e-cigarette in US because of its reliability and the quality of manufacture.

Savings of money – on the average, if you have been purchasing a pack of cigarette for $3, it means that in one year you could have spent more than $1095 for smoking( that is, if you stick with one pack per day). This money can be used for other items if saved. Hence, when you quit smoking, you can save more money to gain financial independence.

Better lifestyle – Smoking induce smokers to lose sense of taste for smell and food. This, for sure, is not a good experience. By the time you quit smoking, the sensory organs and cells responsible for these actions would be restored. In addition, you can breathe better and have increased strength to walk, run, or exercise after quitting smoking.

Saving your baby – Pregnant women smokes increase the risk of the death of their new born babies. Reports have shown that children born to pregnant women who smoke have less weight and are unhealthy. So, to prevent these risks, you need to quit smoking.

There are about a dozens of benefitsĀ for quitting smoking. Most of these affect your general well being, your relationship with others etc.

Blu Cigs – Overview of this Unique Brand of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette 5 August 2013 | 0 Comments

ID-100229484One of the most sought for brand of electronic cigarettes today is the Blu cig. This is a brand that has given many smokers relief from the ash, smell, burns, and smoke associated with regular cigarette. Blu cig is a brand that many smokers should explore for its unique features. This post provides an overview answer to some of the major concerns individuals might have about Blu cig.

First off, it is important to know that blu cig is not tobacco product although it is designed like cigarette. It does not burn and you get to see a blue light when the individual inhales. Like I have mentioned earlier, this product does not produce smell or odor as it applies when real cigarettes are smoked. For these reasons, it becomes safe for blu cig to be used in places where cigarettes have been banned. This readily applies to public places like parks, stadiums, restaurants etc.

Blu cig is an electronic cigarette with unique features. You may want to know why Blu cig is different from other brands. According to the claims made by the website, blu, as a brand, offers commitment to safety and quality. So, users should expect these with each of Blu cig at their disposal. The ingredients used in the e-liquid are of good quality and certified safe according to US regulations.

Another plus for using Blu cig instead of other brand is that this brand offers one of the user experiences in the industry. It reveals this absolutely with the convenient carrying cases that also help to charge the battery on the go.

Blu cig works in similar principle like most other electronic cigarette. The rechargeable battery is screwed to the cartridge containing the e-liquid, the user inhales like a smoker; the battery activates the atomizer of the cartridge which ultimately causes the water to vaporize. In other words, what you puff when using Blu cig is a vapor. This easily disappears into thin air.

Conclusively, if you are planning to buy an e-cig for use, the Blu cig could be an option for you. This e-cig is a top brand with unique features. Visit the website of this brand for more information.