Eviction Notice for Apartments in Stockbridge

Try to imagine on Friday night coming home to your 20th-story high rise apartment in Stockbridge, GA after a hard day and week at work.  Your thoughts are of changing out of your work clothes, getting something to drink, grabbing the newspaper and going out on your terrace to watch the sun go down.  Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?  It does to me.  Unfortunately, when you get off the elevator and look towards your door, there is a bright orange sign on it with the dreaded words in capital letters and bold print – eviction notice.

Your thoughts automatically go to – have I not paid my rent for the month, have I not paid the building association dues, have I violated one of the clauses of the cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA Agreement?  All extremely valid questions!  So much for your wonderful night relaxing and watching the sun go down.

There are specific GA laws that the Landlord must follow in order to properly execute an eviction notice and eventual eviction.  GA laws require Landlords to provide between 30 and 60 days to the tenant to vacate, depending on the length of the tenancy, which should be outlined in the Rental Agreement. However, if you pursue a legal claim against the Landlord for an extension in amount of time you have to vacate the apartment most City/County courts will allow that.  So, now, what do you do?

First, take a deep breath.  It’s Friday night and the management company is closed.

Second, you must understand exactly what “eviction notice” means. According to most any dictionary, “eviction” is defined as “forcing someone to leave a place.” It mostly applies to turning people out of a house and home.

Third, you need to read the entire eviction notice and see what it is identifying, by paragraph number, as the reason you are being evicted.  It would also be beneficial for you pull out your Rental Agreement and review it alongside the eviction notice.

Fourth, there can be many reasons for an eviction notice and that information must be present on the notice.  You as the renter/leaser are entitled to know why you are being evicted.  However, there are some states in the Country that allow landlords to evict tenants for no cause at all.  Living in cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA, the law does not allow the landlord to have a no cause eviction.

Fifth, if you don’t completely understand what the eviction notice is talking about and your rights under the Rental Agreement you signed, it would be a wise idea to consult legal counsel.  They have the knowledge to protect your rights while still being within the laws of the City, County and State.

Sixth, the best off-the-cuff advice for someone who has been given an eviction notice is, don’t call the landlord while you are angry or upset.  It will do you no good and, if the landlord is a real creep, he could make further trouble for you.

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