Recommendations for Writing a Contract for Apartments

If you were moving away from Oregon, how would you go about renting your apartment in Stockbridge GA to someone, without getting the potential “riff-raff” that comes with every new apartment tenant?  There are a lot of ways you can find a tenant to rent your apartment – advertise for tenants or get a property management company to do it. As a former insurance adjuster, some tenants are better than others.  Unfortunately, you can’t see what they are like before you rent to them and what they have done to other places they have rented.  However, there are steps you can take to do your best in protecting yourself and your property.

The first recommendation is to make sure you request the potential tenant(s) to complete a Lease or Rental Application (“Application”) that asks for all the pertinent information about the prospective tenant(s).  Some of the things you should include are: landlord information for the last place they rented; how many adults, children and animals (if allowed) will be living in the space; personal and professional references; employment and income information; and, a release to check their credit rating.   If you use an Application approved by the State Board of Realtors, a lot of the questions above are already on the Application.  When you receive the Application back from the prospective tenant(s) make sure you review it and verify all the information provided.  If something does not look good to you or it seems too good to be true, you can ask for clarification from the prospective tenant(s).    If they want to rent your cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA and they have nothing to hide, they will provide you with follow-up information.  If you have a Management Company, they will handle getting the Application to and from the prospective tenant(s) and verifying everything in it.

The second recommendation is to make sure you use a Lease or Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) that is approved by the State Board of Realtors so all the Statutes and legalities within the Agreement are ironed out in the beginning of the rental period.   The Agreement is a legally binding contract between the Landlord, Management Company and the Tenant(s).  It is easier to make sure all the information is provided in the beginning so if you must take legal action to evict them you have all the information you need and it is signed off on by the tenant(s).

If necessary, you can always retain legal counsel to create a Lease or Rental Agreement if you want to include other items.  Also, if you are an absentee Landlord living in a state different then Oregon, it may be beneficial to have legal counsel to ensure everyone is kept above board.  There is always the possibility that you may find the “diamond in the rough” when you rent cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA!  Finally, just trust your instincts and you will protect yourself and your property from the potential problems that come with tenants or renters.

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