Water Damage in Apartments in Stockbridge, Ga

You have just moved into a 5th floor apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths (one in the Master Bedroom), separate living and dining spaces, kitchen and, last but certainly not least, a terrace that runs the entire length of the living room with a sliding glass door.  There is enough room for 2 chaise loungers and a small table, plus a couple of chairs; perfect for a family of four.  You have waited for these cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA since your job moved you to Stockbridge GA several months ago.

This is the apartment of your dreams with your family.  Granted you will still be unpacking boxes for a while but it is beginning to look and feel like a home.  Then the unthinkable happens.  You come home from work to find there is water running down the walls in the living room and it has soaked the ceiling which has fallen in on your couch, chair and coffee table and the entire carpet is soggy when you step on it.   Now what do you do?

Take a deep breath.  Understandably you are upset due to the water damage to your personal property.  If there is a management company for the complex, contact them immediately to tell them about the water leak.  Chances are they will probably already know about the water leak if it is coming from one of the cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA above your apartment.  However, the water may be coming from the water lines that run in between the floors providing water to other units in the building.  The ultimate goal here is to get the water stopped quickly – regardless of where it is coming from.  Water will always find the path of least resistance and can be very damaging to property.  Timing is of the essence here.  If you can find the leak quickly, the damage is lessened.

After you have contacted the Management Company, what you need to concentrate on first thing, is getting your personal property out of the area where the water is running and pooling in the carpet.  If you get this done, you can prevent further damage to your personal property while others work on stopping the water leak.  If you have furniture that is too heavy to move but is in the water, find some type of riser to put under the feet of the furniture to protect the furniture.  The riser could be bricks, cinder blocks, plastic cover from a storage box or anything that will keep the water from getting into the furniture.  After you have moved your personal property, see what you can dry off to protect.

Most cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA will require you to have some type of renters insurance for your personal property and liability coverage.  After everything slows down a bit, take a minute to find your insurance documents and contact your Insurance Agent and/or the Claims Department to advise them of the water leak and damage.

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